What’s In Your Priority Mail Box?

August 24, 2017

In honor of my sister’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Katy!), I thought I would share what I have done for her the past few years.  Maybe it will spark some ideas for you!  I have seen some very elaborate birthday boxes, but I would consider mine a ‘Mini Birthday in a Box’.

All you need is the following supplies:

  • Priority Mail Box (whatever size fits your box contents well)
  • Gifts
  • Tissue Paper
  • Balloons
  • Noise Makers/Birthday Blowers
  • Curly Ribbon


Once I have all of my supplies assembled, I wrap the gifts and then stuff the box!  I simply fill the box how everything will fit best.   Note my balloons in the picture below are WAY too big to actually fit in the box, but little water balloon sized balloons blown up with a breath or two work perfectly.  Happy Gifting!

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