Beach Picnic Snack

August 29, 2017

The other day we planned an afternoon at the beach to watch the airplanes flying overhead. While I knew there would be food vendors everywhere, I always look for an excuse to cook something new and this outing provided the perfect opportunity.

For recipe inspiration, I went to my tried and true source – Smitten Kitchen – and looked at the recipes in her “picnic” section. The Burst Tomato Galette immediately caught my eye.

As usual, Smitten Kitchen did not disappoint. This galette was delicious and surprisingly easy to make.

While its not typically like me to plan and prep ahead of time, I did so with this dish and found it made the entire thing so easy to manage.

I made the dough and prepped the veggies the night before (hence the dark pictures)

The next day all I had to do was cook up my veggies, assemble my galette and cook it!

While my final product may not have looked as beautiful as Smitten Kitchen’s the flavors were outstanding!  I will definitely be making this dish again!

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