Great Beauty at a Good Price

August 11, 2017

I absolutely love my Target Beauty Box.  For $7, you can’t beat it!  Target offers these beauty boxes once a month, and if you aren’t quick to buy – they are gone!  The one good thing is if you do try to purchase it and it is not available, you can oftentimes buy the products that were inside the box individually (but not at the great deal!).

In the August 2017 box, the theme is ‘ROUTINE- getting back on track after a sun-kissed Summer’.  The following products were included:


I’m a “I got a great deal so that justifies my purchase nerd”, so let’s do the math.  If you were to buy this box outright – it would cost you $14.23 – more than double the price that Target sells it for.  What a deal!

I’m going to try all of the products out this week and will have an update to the post next week letting you know how all of the products worked.

UPDATE:  After trying all of these products, I would have to say my favorite is the Garnier Clearly Brighter Argan Nut Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser.  I love anything with beads or a gentle exfoliation in it for my skin, so this really hit the mark for me.  A few other comments on the products:

  • The towelettes were very, very soft!
  • The Biore strips felt like I was in high school again and if you want to see what comes out of your pores, that still does the trick!
  • The mask – I really, really did not like.  I don’t like anything that is papery and sopping wet that you have to put on your face and then you wonder if it is going to drip in your eyes.  I  personally prefer a cream type mask.
  • The deodorant – Definitely a winner for my daughter who is just starting to get into that tween stage where teaching good hygiene is a must!


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