Meet Megen and Liz.

They met in 2010 when Megen’s brother decided he liked Liz enough to introduce her to his family. They were a match made in heaven (Liz and Megen, that is). They bonded over their shared passions for good food, beautiful design, inventive crafting and DIYs of every make and kind.

Over the last seven years Megen and Liz have started their own unsuccessful blogs (ok, several unsuccessful blogs) only to find it impossible to keep up with the demands of posting while balancing life’s other demands: feeding children, holding down jobs, paying taxes, washing their hair, etc.

And while their ability to draft blog posts has suffered, their passion to create has not. Each continues to design, craft and invent on a regular basis; sharing ideas with each other along the way.

After many (many, many, many) failed attempts they decided it might be easier if they went into this together. By sharing the workload they figured they were twice as likely to actually get blog posts drafted. And though they may be separated by over 800 miles, they are determined this time to make it work.

Using their unique locations as an opportunity to highlight the diversity in their styles and projects, 803 Miles is a place for Megen and Liz to let their Martha-Stewart-wannabe selves run wild. They share recipes for good food, ideas for crafts, design inspirations, mom-friendly fashion, DIYs and more.

Welcome to 803 Miles!